Monday, March 17, 2008

happy St. Patty's day!

Top o the morning to ya laddies and lasses! Okay...enough with the phony Irish brogue! LOL! Hope you all have a wonderful St Patrick's Day!
Hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was pretty good. God spared us from some scary stuff Saturday evening. Tornadoes all around us! There were at least TEN in our area, just not normal around here! Beech Island was spared, but just a tad over 5 minutes up Pine Log Road, there are massive trees down everywhere! It looks like someone took a giant vacuum and just sucked them out of the ground, dropping them across roads, on top of houses, and in yards. We rode around surveying the damage last night, and it is just horrendous. Power lines are lying down all over. In Bath, about 10-12 minutes from us, the roof was ripped right off the post office along with the top of the water tower. As of 8:30 Sunday night, thousands still were without electricity or water. At our house, we got light rain and a little wind. The sky looked ominous, and we actually received a weather alert call (a service we signed up for) that told us we were in the storm's path and to take cover, but we didn't even get that much rain or thunder. Thank the Lord! We pray for those who lost their homes, and we thank Him that no one was killed. You can read more about it by clicking here.
On a brighter note, I took my 11 year old shopping for an Easter outfit. I was dreading this because he usually hates shopping. I've found the secret though! I just have to take him to the mall! He actually enjoyed it, and so did I. I got him a nice lavender polo shirt and navy dress pants for Easter. He'll look really handsome with his freshly cut blonde hair and his blue eyes! Now I just have to get Ed and Matthew new shirts. Me? Well, I may just wear something I already have. I hate trying on clothes almost as much as Jonathan does. Well that's all for now. Have a great week, friends!


  1. Oh, sure! Torture Jonathon in having to buy something new, but spare yourself....j/k.
    I sympathize with your pain. I have needed a new dress for a while and still have yet to even start looking for one.
    Maybe I will go sometime this week, maybe not.

  2. I'm glad that y'all were spared any danger or damage. I'm still in AWE at the fact that downtown Atlanta was hit. Just astounded, in fact. I've SEEN the nasty weather there in Atlanta, but never saw a funnel cloud, ever, while living there.

    I hate shopping for clothing too. I went to try and find an Easter outfit, but gave up quickly. We went to Topeka to get Hannah's (a cute yellow polo dress with a sweater and PINK shoes!), and Scotty was given the cutest 3-piece suit and white shirt from our neighbor. Scott recently got a new sport that leaves me.