Saturday, March 29, 2008

you're gonna miss this

Some of the things I'm gonna miss as time goes by....

1. Kisses in the car before they get out to go into school
2. Going to little league games
3. Reading bed time stories
4. Playing in our pool
5. Playing "sandwich" with my two boys and pillows, and hearing their giggles
6. Singing and humming from the back seat of the car
7. A litle boy running to jump in bed with us after having a bad dream
(I will continue to add to this list for a couple of days.....just short on time now.)

While I wouldn't call myself a "fan" of country music, I do LOVE this song. Check out this video. (You can pause or stop my "Playlist" so you can hear the video.) It gets you thinking! Oh, and thanks for telling me how to do this, Linda!

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