Sunday, March 9, 2008

sunday stuff

I knew church would be sad this morning, but I had to be there today. When there's a loss in your life, it's comforting to be around those who believe the same way you do. Ed and I have been going to Stevens Creek Church for around 9 years. We love it, and if you live anywhere in the CSRA of SC/GA, then it would be worth the drive to check it out. See our website at We have "Life Group" tonight as well. We meet every other Sunday at a home. We do a Bible study and share a meal together. We have become quite close to this group of friends. It's our connection as our church continues to grow...and grow and grow!

Speaking of friends....I can't wait to get together with mine on Saturday as we Crop at the Creek! :) Maybe I'll get some awesome layouts done and post them soon.

Ed and I had some rare time together without the kids yesterday, so we decided to check out a BBQ place I'd been wanting to try. We went to the BBQ Barn in North Augusta. And I am pleased to say that it was extremely good! We both ordered BBQ plates with pulled pork, coleslaw, potato salad, and bread. We also brought home a slice of "Happy Cake!" Oh my! It was most surely HAPPY food! Ed and I have decided that while the kids are in school, when he has a Friday off, which is once or twice per month, we're going to try a new restaurant each time for lunch! Last Friday we tried McAlister's Deli, after Linda MacDonald's recommendation. It was awesome. I'll try to keep you posted on what we like. Okay....More Later!

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  1. mmmmm....BBQ....that is something we both truly miss. There is a "Famous Dave's" here, which is the closest we can come to that good old Southern BBQ.

    Wish I could be there again...I am praying that an assignment opens up close to there...Ft. Jackson would be good, at least I could come to crops!