Friday, March 7, 2008

loss of a dear friend

Yesterday, I lost a dear friend. Cindy Lytle had just dropped her daughter off at work and was on her way to the church when she was in a horrible car crash. The news of this tragedy has just left me reeling!
Cindy was one of my favorite people at church. She and I didn't "hang out", but if I ever needed her, she was there. Each time I called the church to schedule a scrapbooking event, or for whatever reason, I was always pleased to hear her cheerful voice. And what a sense of humor! If I forwarded her some E-mail I thought she'd enjoy...I always got a response that made me laugh!
I remember the Creative Worship Team's first trip to Gatlinburg. Cindy and I had eaten breakfast together a couple of mornings, and the last morning we were there, I got the news that my son was terribly sick and that he'd been in the ER most of the night getting tests done, a spinal tap, and all sorts of things that made me want to get home asap. I'll never forget Cindy praying with me outside the restaurant on that sidewalk. And when my friend, Lillian Brackett passed away, Cindy was there sitting beside me at the funeral. EVERY time I have ever lost weight, Cindy was the FIRST person to compliment me! I loved being on stage with her while she played the keyboard. No matter where we were, I always felt "at home" with Cindy. Gosh, I miss that lady! I know Cindy is with our Savior, and that we will see her again, but the selfish part of me would rather her here with us. I love you Cindy!
Below is a photo and bio from our church web site. Please pray for our grieving church family and for Rob and the kids. Thanks.

Cindy Lytle was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. Cindy has also lived in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Somalia, East Africa, and currently lives in Georgia. Cindy attended Northwest Texas Hospital School of Nursing in Amarillo, Texas where she received her nursing degree. Cindy is currently a part-time psychology student at Augusta State University.
Cindy worked briefly at Church of the Harvest in the early 1990's and returned to The Creek in October, 2002 where she works as a receptionist.
As of October, 2002, Cindy has been working part-time as receptionist in the SCCC office while she is also a student at ASU. Cindy and her husband Rob Lytle have a son, Jonathan and a daughter, Suzanna, as well as a daughter-in-law RuthAnn and two grandsons. Kelly, the dog and Midnight the kitty complete their family. Cindy takes great delight in playing piano or keyboard for the music team as well as participating in the drama team where she both acts and writes.


  1. Kim....please keep me posted on what's going on down there. I've found a few blogs (other than yours and mine) who have posted something about Cindy...Dave's memorial was on his blog and now it's on the Creek's home page....and someone named Amanda....I'm just so sad about this.

    I LOVE what you wrote about Cindy...and it's so true...

  2. I appreciate your comments abut Cindy. This is a tragic loss for all of us. I appreciate all you and Ed do as leaders and servants in the church and I'm sure Cindy appreciated you very much as well.