Wednesday, March 19, 2008

little league and Matthew

We're in the throes of little league baseball season, and things are getting busy. Yesterday, I got my hair permed, had a neighbor pick up the kids, and then rushed home later to help them get homework done, just in time to leave for practice. We got home after 8 PM and got ready for bed. Yowza! I was so tired. At the same time, it's fun. Matthew is doing so well in t-ball. Last year, he played in the dirt and picked weeds, oblvious to what was going on. This year, the difference is like night and day. He hits the ball, runs the bases, and is pretty good at stopping grounders. He actually seems eager to do well. I know he's older now, but I also believe his therapy has helped tons! He goes to MCG to get speech and occupational therapy for his sensory processing disorder (to learn more about this, click here). He has problems with auditory, some visual, and spatial processing. Each week during this school year, we've seen improvements. The Focalin XR we have him on helps with his attention span, and there are only slight side effects. We're hoping he's going to be ready to move up to first grade. I certainly have had to work harder with him than with my older son. But we're sure that Matthew is smart, it's just harder to see sometimes. And it takes longer for him to grasp some things. But usually, when he's got it...he's got it! And he's just the sweetest child. Last night, he looked at me all sad like and said, "Moma, when you get old and go to heaven, I'm going to miss you." I said, "Oh, you're so sweet. Don't worry. When it's your time, you'll see me again when you get to...." Then he interrupted and said, "But I won't know where to go." What he meant was, he thinks when I get old and die, he's still going to be a child and won't know where to go and what to do without me." He's such a little thinker!


  1. what a sweet little boy!

    Generally, I get: you a MEAN mommy.

    Of course, my reply is always, "thank you. If you think I'm mean, then that means I'm doing a great job!"

  2. Oh, isn't it wonderful to see your child's mind at work. Even if his thought are erroneous. It is still nice to see the wheels working. What a sweet comment about him going to miss you.