Monday, March 31, 2008

it's a date

See this good looking man? He's my hubby. We have a date today at 1 PM. We're going to see a my son's school. Tomorrow is the day my 5th grader sees the "adolescent" video with the rest of the 11 year boys. LOL! The principal sent home a letter saying that parents are welcome to preview it and that if we didn't want our child to view it, let them know in writing. When I inquired as to when we could see it, he told us that no one had ever asked to see it, but that we were welcome to set up a time for viewing. I was shocked! NO ONE has ever asked to preview it? Is it just me or is this totally irresponsible? I'm sure things have changed since I saw the girls' video when I was in 7th grade. Don't parents want to know what their kids are going to see and ask questions about? Or am I being overprotective? Perhaps, but Ed and I are going to go through with it and make the best of it. We may even take a bag of popcorn! LOL!

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  1. that's a shame...really. I don't remember being shown a video myself....

    We have the opportunity to go to Hannah's school and learn about "good touch bad touch" and some bear that talks about it. I'm glad they are going to bring this up, but they didn't offer us the option to opt out...or preview.