Wednesday, January 21, 2009

25 Random Things

1. I'm making baked spaghetti tonight for dinner, with garlic bread of course.
2. I do not care who is going to the Super Bowl this year!
3. I cannot stand to see dogs whose owners let them run loose near a major highway! It's insane!
4. I also cannot stand to see dogs tied to trees. Why have a dog then?
5. I've been trying to eat more healthy lately.
6. I decided not to do my Project 365 posts on a separate blog. After's still all about the life of the Ketuskys.
7. I'm wondering if my friend, Kim, found a new job yet.
8. I'm so looking forward to finding out who the top 12 will be on American Idol.
9. I can't believe the Bachelor kept Megan on for another week when her witchiness is staring him right in the face!
10. I am a channel flipper. I can not stand to sit through boring commercials!
11. I could really go for some Zaxby's chicken strips, but I will not leave my house today
12. I have not given a thought to Valentine's Day. Better get some creative wheels turning!
13. I just finished eating a "Sesame Chicken" Lean Cuisine. So tasty!
14. I am NOT a morning person! I'm not grumpy....but I don't like a lot of noise waking me up!
15. I know today is a special day in our country's history...but why must the Inaugeration be on EVERY stinking channel?
16. It's been days since I've played with Matthew's Webkinz online.
17. I have started reading Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook. I just have to see how it's different from the movie...which I just LOVE by the way (Note to self: Get the DVD.)
18. I do not have a My Space or Facebook account...nor do I want one.
19. I want to download a new ringtone to my phone...I'm thinking Mandisa or Toby Mac.
20. I love my husband....I mean...I REALLY love him a lot!
21. I am currently taking a break from laundry and organizing my scrapbook room.
22. I would love to take a nap today!
23. I am looking forward to scrapbooking with the girls Friday night!
24. I call my mother and grandmother on the phone at least every other day.
25. I hope to one day in the not-so-distant future get a new 50 mm (f1.8 or f1.4) lens for my Canon.

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