Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lost Dogs and Lost Causes

Okay, this is going to be my photo of the day for Project 365...but it's pretty sad really. This is about all we got of the snow! SO disappointing! The sleep I lost last night over the excitement of a possible snowfall was a lost cause! We are still getting flurries right now (as of 11:40 AM), but it's not sticking much. There's some on the rooftops of houses and cars, the fence, and the sliding board....and that's about it. The kids were just sick about having to go to school today! Oh well...I'm sure winter is not over yet.
And I just have to share this. We had two visitors yesterday. And they are probably really sad they showed up....because we locked them up!
Okay...now that I have your attention, I'm talking about dogs! These two cuties showed up at our house yesterday and apparently have been in and around the neighborhood for 2 or 3 days.
I was so worried about them in this cold weather. We put our dog, Sally, in the laundry room last night, and we put the dogs in Sally's outdoor kennel (which you can barely see in the photo above). There's a light bulb and blankets in the house, so they stayed warm. But today, I had to put Sally back outside. So they all three are sharing the kennel. One of the strays is a West Highland Terrier, and the other is a puppy of a mixed breed I think...part pit bull. It is the cutest and friendliest little girl! The Westie is a male who likes my Sally VERY much! LOL! Anyway...I have put up signs at the main road, put a free ad in the paper, called the SPCA, and put a notice on a couple of petfinder websites. So now we're waiting and hoping the owners will claim them. They both had collars but no tags. So sad for them! Hopefully they'll be at their own home soon!
Until next time...have a great Tuesday!

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  1. I wonder if either dog is microchipped...the SPCA or humane society should have a scanner...if you don't hear anything from the owner(s), you should see if they'll scan the pups...they are both cuties. I'd take the terrier in a heartbeat, but my hubby would KILL me!