Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Whiz of a week!

What a start to my week! I had my yearly check-up with my ob-gyn and a mammogram yesterday, and today I had a follow-up with my allergist. Between the two of them, these doctors scheduled me for a chest x-ray, a CT scan, a biopsy, and an ultrasound! Talk about stress! But I am trying to remain positive in light of all this. The chest x-ray just showed some bronchitis, and the CT scan of my sinuses was fine. And I am choosing to not dwell on the other up-coming tests in a couple of weeks...so enough of that! Geez....why didn't someone warn me that you fall apart after 40? LOL!
Okay...an update on the dogs. We still have them. I want to make sure I have done everything possible before giving them over to someone else. The pit bull puppy is just the sweetest thing, but because of the breed's reputation, I am afraid to keep her, though a part of me would love to! The Westie is cute but a total pain in my backside. We've nicknamed him Whizzer! Yep...you guessed it. That's all that poor dog knows how to do. It's like his way of showing he's in charge. He pees on everything! So hopefully, someone will take him in to a home where he can stay inside and not escape (he's gotten away from us THREE times!). He would do better if he were neutered. So just to let you know....they are both still in need of a home!

How could you say no to this sweet face?

And I know I'm behind on my Project 365 postings, but I'm still taking photos! Here are a few to share.

Bad photo, but I snapped this right after I put away groceries. For some reason, I like the feeling of a full freezer! ;)

The dogs want to help Matthew play the drums. (The black dog is ours!)

The puppy loves a belly rub!

Love these two photos. Matthew called it breakfast day, because I made breakfast food (sausage biscuits, grits and eggs) for supper. My mom used to do this sometimes when I was a kid, and I remember that so fondly. If you look closely at the other plate visible in the photo, Jonathan ate the eggs and biscuits, but left the grits! Come on son...you're a Southern boy! You HAVE to like grits!

I am still enjoying this project. Taking the pictures is easy....finding the time to post them here on my blog is a challenge sometimes. But it's all good, dude! LOL! Until next time, have a great week!

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