Sunday, January 11, 2009

More project 365

Here are the photos from the second week of Project 365. Hopefully I'll catch up enough with posts to just share one per day. These next photos are from Saturday of week one (which I failed to post last time) through Saturday of the second week. Can't wait to get my Project 365 kit! It is supposed to be here tomorrow! Then soon I will be posting layouts!

This is Ed making homemade chicken vegetable soup last Saturday. It was delicious (and so much of it that it lasted a week!)

This is our Sunday afternoon tradition. After church, we have lunch, then sit or lie on our bed and read the Sunday newspaper. Then sometimes we nap!

Every Monday night that The Bachelor comes on, I know that my 81 year old Granny Margaret is watching it with me at her house. Then we gab on the phone about it the next morning!

Wednesday night we usually eat take-out because Matthew's therapy runs so late. This was pizza night! Yum! (Notice 2 photos here...and none for Tuesday. Matthew has a pizza all to himself because he earned a free one with Pizza Hut's Book-it program!)

On Thursday, I made healthy after school snacks for the kids. I bought new parfait glasses and layered organic granola, mixed fruit and nonfat vanilla yogurt. And they liked it!!!

On Friday, I had procrastinated all week! It was time to do my least favorite household task of all...bills and the checkbook. Yuck! But I feel so much better when it's done.

Okay....I almost didn't include this....but we're trying to create an accurate representation of our lives with this project, right? This was me after a shower on Saturday. That big red thing on my face is a hive! At the time of the photo, I only had them on my face and arms. Now I have an ugly rash from just about head to toe. I'm experiencing an allergic reaction to some meds my allergist prescribed. Don't know if it's my antibiotic (Augmentin) or my new asthma inhaler. I called the doc on Friday, and she told me to stop the antibiotic. I did. But now my rash is much worse. And since I have sores in my mouth as well...I'm leaning toward the Symbicort! Going to the doc on Monday! :)
Tomorrow I'll try to post Sunday and Monday's photos, then shoot for one per day. Thanks for reading this far. Have a great week!

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