Monday, January 19, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Hey! It has been a lazy weekend around here, and I know I'm a little behind on my photos for project 365. I haven't posted ANY layouts....until now that is. Here are the first two weeks.

Week One
Week Two

Can you imagine what fun this album will be to look at by the end of the year? I LOVE scrapbooking a week at a time. It makes me feel so caught up! LOL! And it's so easy!

The boys and I are just a little under the weather this weekend. Jonathan has a cold, and Matthew woke up yesterday sounding croupy, and my sinuses are about to kill me. But what doesn't kill us will only make us stronger, right? The kids are enjoying being off from school a couple of extra days. Friday was a teacher workday, and they're off today for MLK day. We went to Blockbuster earlier today and rented a couple of movies for them. It's possible that they'll go to school late in the morning or miss completely, because believe it or not....they're forecasting snow for our area tonight and tomorrow morning. I don't know how much if any will stick around, but I hope we get to see it....if only for a day!

Sunday's photo

My preteen's messy room!

Monday's Photo

The boys watching "Underdog" beneath the electric blanket on the living room floor!

Well, that's it until next time. Have a great week! And cross your fingers that we get snow! :)

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