Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Late night post-Not for the weak-stomached!

Wow! I'm still up at 11:54 PM. That Prednisone the doctor put me on doesn't do much for my sleep, but I'll tolerate it if it will clear up this allergic reaction....to what? We're still not sure. Anyway....hope this doesn't gross you out, but this is my left shin right about now. It itches almost as badly as it looks. Fortunately it didn't get that bad on the rest of me (well...except for my right shin). Hoping to say goodbye to this episode soon. My Granny Margaret told me to use Noxzema cream for the itch. Works like a charm (temporarily)! Amazing how those old home remedies work sometimes!

On a brighter note, my son, Matthew was chosen as "Good Citizen of the Month" at his school. He got a pencil, a badge to wear, a certificate, his photo on the bulletin board, and he got to help lead the Pledge of Allegiance this morning in front of the whole school! We're so proud--more importantly though --he's proud of himself! Ed tried to get video, but the quality was so poor...I won't put you through any more misery after that rash photo! LOL! Here's a photo of our cutie just before he stepped in front of the school camera!

By the way, this was my Tuesday photo for Project 365, and below is Monday's photo. So excited to finally get this kit! I was blown away by the amount of stuff that came with it! Layouts coming soon!

YEAH! It's here!

Oh...and I have to mention that I love the new song in the top position of my playlist! It's John Waller singing, "While I'm Waiting." Does anyone besides me hear Aerosmith in their heads during the chorus? :)

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